Tim Hortons is one restaurant company that wants to build a good relationship with its customers. So, they organize a Tim Hortons Survey at telltims.smg.com to get their visit experience feedback. They just don’t take your feedback only, they really appreciate that you spend a few minutes of your time to take this Telltims.ca survey. So you will get a Free Coupon.

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Tim Hortons Survey

What do you get from Tim Hortons survey?

Complete the Tell Tim Hortons survey (www.telltimhortons.com) and receive a free money-saving coupon for your next visit. You must possess an official confirmation of Tim Hortons with survey invitation.

How do I get a survey at Tim Hortons?

When you purchase from one of our Tim Hortons restaurants visit TellTims.com and take a quick survey by using the survey code that appears on the receipt. After you’re done you can write down your validation code on the area provided. Return your receipt to the participating Tim Hortons restaurant to redeem your deal.

What is Tim Hortons strategy?

Tim Hortons aims to provide top-quality products and services to its communities and customers by fostering leadership, innovation and collaboration. This is evident in their vision statement that outlines the overall ambition to be a top-quality leader in all it does (Tim Hortons: A fresh morning cup of coffee).

How long does it take for Tim Hortons to call you?

It all depends on the person you are and how much they require people! I was referred to my friend’s mother and manager, so I was not being interviewed. It took me about two days before I was hired when i heard i had been offered the job, and then having completed my application. Around a week the most, the application is quite impressive.

What makes Tim Hortons successful?

The company can consistently provide high-quality items to customers while earning their trust by paying special attention to the image it is a symbol of. Tim Hortons also most likely earned bonus points due to its popularity because Canadians are known to prefer local brands.

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