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TellAldi Survey is a type of survey that measures customer satisfaction which you can complete by visiting www.tellaldi.us. This survey gives you the chance to win PS100 vouchers and you can shop for free with the gift card. To be eligible for this prize it is necessary to complete the TellAldi Customer Satisfaction Survey that is conducted in the form of the TellAldi survey on www.tellaldi.us.

This is an online survey that will ask you about your experiences at Tellaldi Supermarket. Your comments and suggestions will assist ALDI to improve the quality of its products and customer service for the future. Check out the following information to participate in to take part in the TellAldi Customer Feedback Survey.

www.tellaldi.us – ALDI US Satisfaction Survey Details

Since its establishment at Essen, Germany in 1946, Aldi has been a top discount chain. Aldi USA, the North American subsidiary of the firm, operates more than 1,600 stores across America. United States. The company’s annual revenue usually exceeds $50 billion. It also is the owner of Trader Joe’s gourmet food store chain.

Tellaldi US Survey

Aldi is famous for its generous pay rates to its employees, which is higher than the minimum wage, which is higher than most supermarket chains and for consistently affordable prices for food items as well as produce-related toiletries as well as small electronics. The website of Aldi features coupons and specials every week along with promotions in store. Aldi also issues weekly flyers which outline the savings that are available for every week, much like other supermarket chains.

Rules to Participate in Tell ALDI Feedback Survey

These are the rules to be followed if you wish to take part with your participation in the Tell ALDI feedback survey.

  • The person who will take part at Tell ALDI’s feedback questionnaire should reside in the USA.
  • The person who wishes to participate on the Tell ALDI Feedback survey must be at least 18 years old.
  • For every customer, there is only one record.
  • There is no transfer of the prize to anyone else.
  • and employees working for the ALDI company are not permitted to take part to the online feedback questionnaire.

The following are the essential guidelines and requirements to participate with Tell ALDI’s Tell ALDI feedback survey. If you satisfy the requirements and meet the rules, then you are qualified to take part on the questionnaire. When you are a participant in the survey, you could receive a prize of 100 dollars in gift cards. For customers who do not know how to take part on this survey Tell ALDI Feedback Survey I’ll provide you with the step-by-step procedure. To make it easy for you to take part in the survey by adhering to the instructions. The process will be simple and straightforward, to ensure that those taking part for the first-time are able to follow the procedure.

All About Aldi

If you’re not aware of this, the brand name has been used by two distinct but identical businesses. Confused? To fully understand this it is necessary to go back to 1913, when two children Theo Albrecht and Karl Albrecht joined their mom at her shop in Essen.

Both of them were in the same class as their mother. Later Karl was employed at the food store. Later, Karl who had gained sufficient experience in retail stores, bought the food store and ran until he enlisted in World War 2. Following the war the brothers returned and joined forces in their mother’s business, however, this time they were the ones who ran the operation.

Slowly , the brothers began increasing their stores and by the close of the decade there were 13 shops. The number of stores kept growing until 1966, when they had around 300 stores. However, in 1966 they divided their stores under various names. One was owned by Aldi Nord and the other one was the Aldi Sud.

Prior to the split of their business, they were earning up DM 90 million a year. They now have over 10,000 stores and earn EUR50 billion. It is possible that they began in suburban Germany however, they now have locations in 20 countries. You can read about them on the Wikipedia Page however, before you go, you may want to take a look at their benefits for employees if are considering joining Aldis.

Aldi survey – How to Enter

You have two options to participate in the Aldi survey.

  • Online Method
  • Mail-in Method

Online Method

Follow the steps below to finish this Survey.

  • Visit the official survey website on www.tellaldi.us
  • Pick the appropriate language you would like to complete your questionnaire.
  • Note down the number of receipt that appears on the end of your document.
  • In addition, add the date and time you went to their website.
  • Then , click on the button’start.
  • You’ll be taken into their website for survey. Select the ‘begin survey click.
  • Completing the questionnaire by selecting the correct choice on every page, and after that, click on the next option.
  • Include information such as your name, first and your last name, the address of in the state, zip code number, phone number, and your email address if you would like to be a part of their drawing that allows you to win $100 ALDI gifts cards.
  • The store utilizes the data to notify customers of forthcoming survey.

Mail-in Method

For a mail-in method, record your personal details like name, address area zip code, state and daytime phone number and birth date on the size of a 3” by 5 card.

Mail it to ALDI Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes XXX Entry, 625 Panorama Road, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437.

There is no need to buy anything to use using this technique.

Tell ALDI Survey Rewards

It will take you just a couple of minutes to take the time to complete the survey. To reward you for your time and effort to complete your www.tellaldi.us questionnaire, ALDI gives you a free ticket to their sweepstakes. You could receive a gift card of $100 completely free of charge, and there is no obligation to purchase in order to participate of the contest.

What makes this offer so amazing is the possibility to make use of the gift card to shopping at all of the stores.

Rewards of Tell Aldi Survey:

The survey is accessible across different regions of the globe and every region offers different prizes. In this article, we will reveal the benefits offered by each of regions.

United Kingdom:

Participate in this survey at www.aldi.co.uk. Once you’ve completed the survey you stand an opportunity to win 11 prizes worth PS100 of Aldi vouchers each month.

Aldi Reference Link

Aldi Contact Details

  • Email customer.service@aldi.co.uk
  • Telephone: 0800 042 0800
  • Send us an email: Aldi Stores, Holly Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 2SQ

Retail ADR,
33 floor Euston Towers,
286 Euston Road,
NW1 3DP.

Tel: 0203 137 8268

Look out for the Weekly Ad

For more offers and amazing discounts, make sure to go through the daily ads of ALDI If you are looking to save money. ALDI stores offer a huge discount on selected products.

Are you seeking the most affordable prices, this is the best method to get your shopping done after the advertisement goes out? Try to be there at the time that an announcement is made. If you arrive after the time limit, the item you’re looking for may not be available.

Many stores run ads on Wednesdays Make sure to check at your local shop to discover the date of the release.

Final Words

The focus was on the ALDI Customer Feedback Survey on www.tellaldi.us.

Now, you can go at www.tellaldi.us Survey and let them know about your last shopping trip at the ALDI supermarket. Then, you could be the winner of an amount of hundred dollars Aldi gift card that you can be used for any future purchases.